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If you are ordering from within the United Kingdon we will ship your order for FREE!


Non-members must pay for shipping but if you're ordering from an address anywhere in the UK, and you are a Club Member, we will not charge you for postage or packing.


On top of that, Club Members in the UK - and everywhere else in the world! - also receive two cool FREE Crypt of Chaos Game Stickers with every order.


Members also receive the Crystal Dagger Games Club Members email Newsletter - it's full of fun facts and information about what we've been up to, our latest games, offers and more (yes, even cat photos!)


Our Newsletter is published only six times a year so you won't be spammed, and we will not share your email address or details with anyone. You can also opt out at any time you like by clicking the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the email.



To join the Crystal Dagger Games Club and become a Member simply click the 'log in' link at the top of any page and create an account.


You will receive an email asking you to verify your email address and that's it!


Once you have joined you will receive a Welcome email containing a unique code which you may enter at the checkout when placing orders. UK customers will automatically have their shipping costs deducted before payment, and all Club Members will receive FREE Crypt of Chaos Game Stickers.


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